Frequently Asked Questions

Are special colours available?

Customized colours are possible based on RAL specification.

What is the fire resistance of the boards?

The mineral imi coating is classified as non-flammable A2-s1, according to EN 15824:2009.
Flame retardant and non-flammable carrier boards are available to special order.

Is it possible to paint/lacquer the mineral surface?

The mineral imi composite board can be painted with water based finishes. Tests should be always made on a piece of waste material.

Which glue should be used for the outdoor boards?

We recommend our Very High Grab MS Polymer adhesive.

How does the board affect the life of cutting/machining tools?

You can expect a very similar life cycle as when using with other engineered wood products.

Which tools/machines can be used to process the imi composite boards?

You can use normal TCT tools and all woodworking machinery and tools.

How should the composite boards be cleaned?

The mineral surface can be wiped with a damp cloth with a neutral cleaner.
Abrasive pads and microfiber cloths are not recommendable on some of the sufaces.

I there an edging available?

Several matching ABS edges or the real imi edging with original surface (HPL and CPL) are available.

How should the imi boards be fixed?

The 4mm HDF boards (recommendED for wall cladding) can be simply glued. We recommend our Very High Grab MS Polymer adhesive. For extra security, 20mm MDF boards can be fixed with adhesive and mechanical fixings through a lap type joint depending on the application. This joint is not supplied as a standard product and would need to be machined by the end user.

Can I install the boards on a wall without expansion gaps?

We would insist on a minimum 20mm gap to the top and a 10mm gap to each side of any installation.

How can we finish a mitred edge?

With our edging sets, matching to each product, you may only need the touch-up paints if using a mitred joint. Check our processing videos. Processing instructions can also be found as a PDF file in our download area.

Can surface damage be repaired?

Yes! Small areas of surface damage can be repaired with the matching edge set. Scratches can be repaired by dappling with the patina.